Top 2 Tips on How to Read a Book Quickly

Ever need to read a book in a hurry? How can you absorb the most relevant content in a short period of time? Join Kurt and Tim talk to their friend Christian Hunt of the Human Risk Podcast, for tips and tricks to read quickly and effectively.

We’ve all been stuck with a last minute deadline that involves getting through a large amount of reading material. How do you approach it? As podcasters, we read a lot of content before interviewing the guests. So how do Kurt and Tim from Behavioral Grooves Podcast and Christian from the Human Risk Podcast tackle such a mammoth task.

This is a special episode for Behavioral Grooves that was recorded a few months ago in Abbey Road studios when Kurt and Tim were in London, UK. Christian has joined us many times on the podcast so we enjoyed talking about a different topic on this episode.



(4:15) What to look for when you open the book – Kurt.

(8:54) Christian on why it’s not always good to speed read the whole book.

(12:19) What Tim’s “Kahneman Index” is exactly!

(14:10) How speed reading a research paper is different from a book.

(20:22) The top 2 tips on speed reading from Christian, Kurt and Tim.


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AIRDATE: January 16, 2023 EPISODE 339

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Top 2 Tips on How to Read a Book Quickly

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Christian Hunt