Grooving On: Side Projects

Join Kurt and Tim as they exhale a collective sigh of relief and take a moment to reflect on the completion of their monumental project, “They Thought We Were Ridiculous” (available now! Wherever you listen to podcasts).

In this captivating conversation, Kurt and Tim delve into the wealth of insights they’ve gleaned from their immersive and unexpectedly prolonged journey into the annals of behavioral economics history. From navigating the intricacies of managing a side project within a side project to riding the tumultuous waves of multi-party collaboration, they candidly explore the peaks and valleys of their remarkable experience.

But true to the essence of “Behavioral Grooves,” Kurt and Tim infuse a touch of scientific rigor into their reflections. They dissect the hurdles they encountered, drawing upon their knowledge of behavioral science and human tendencies to dissect how these factors both aided and hindered them along the way. After all, they know all too well that the planning fallacy isn’t just a catchy term—it’s a very real phenomenon!

As you unwind with Kurt and Tim, they invite you to peer behind the curtain at the making of “They Thought We Were Ridiculous,” offering invaluable insights gleaned from their journey. Whether you’re embarking on your own side project, contemplating the launch of one, or find yourself mired in the midst of one, let Kurt and Tim be your trusted guides, imparting thoughtful wisdom and sharing their firsthand experiences every step of the way.

They Thought We Were Ridiculous

1: Beyond Anomalies

2: Importing Psychology

3: Children of Unlikely Parents

4: Behavioral Economics Goes Mainstream

5: The Future