Groove Track | Why It Takes More Than Willpower To Reach Your Goals

Between setting your goals and reaching your goals, there is a void that we assume willpower can fill. But to achieve success, it takes more than willpower alone. Thankfully there are some well researched tools that we can set in place to help us flourish.

Hosts of Behavioral Grooves, Kurt Nelson and Tim Houlihan sit down for a succinct Groove Track episode summarizing the myths about willpower, what other factors are at play when striving for our goals, and the tools we can use to help us succeed.


Key takeaways:

  • Willpower is not enough on its own.
  • Your environment – both your physical and social contexts – influence your behavior.
  • Routines can help you achieve your goals.
And routines work best when they:
  • Fit into our lifestyle.
  • Focus on the steps to the goal.
  • Fuel consistency.
  • Provide intrinsic or extrinsic reward.
And tools are useful to:
  • Help remind and motivate.
  • Assist with planning and strategizing.
  • Track and measure our progress.


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AIRDATE: May 14, 2023 EPISODE 356

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Groove Track | Why It Takes More Than Willpower To Reach Your Goals

Featured Guest

Kurt Nelson PhD and Tim Houlihan