The Best Behavioral Science Books Of 2022 (According to Kurt and Tim!)

One of the ways we find our groove is through knowledge – sometimes new ideas, sometimes repeated ideas that are presented in new ways. Sometimes, it’s just reminders of old ideas that deserve a new look. And we love the fresh ideas that we’ve read about this year in the very notable Behavioral Science books of 2022.

Kurt and Tim sit down, in this episode, to discuss the highlights of the books they’ve read in 2022. To save you some time, they have compiled a summary of why they liked each book, and what you can expect to get from reading it.

We’d love to hear about your favorite books of the year. What stood out for you on your book shelf? Have any of your reads this year helped you find your groove? Share your thoughts with Behavioral Grooves on social media:

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AIRDATE: December 19, 2022 EPISODE 335

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The Best Behavioral Science Books Of 2022 (According to Kurt and Tim!)

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Kurt Nelson PhD and Tim Houlihan