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Mind Over Milkshakes: how our expectations change reality

For years, we’ve known that our mindsets impact our thoughts and our perceptions, but in this paper, the authors demonstrate how mindsets impact our physical self as well.  Their research revealed how people’s beliefs about a milkshake actually changed the amount of ghrelin that their bodies produced.  

Sweet Regret

How can we reframe suffering and regret to improve our lives? Authors Paul Bloom and Daniel Pink wrote two separate books, one on suffering and one on regret – that we take insights out of to show this convergence.

Being a Catalyst For Change with Jonah Berger (Bonus Track)

If we just give more facts, more reasons, more information, people come around, and often they don’t – this is the heart of many of our issues with influencing change. We just try to push change through when we should look at removing barriers.

Habits vs Routines

What Differentiates a habit from a routine… and why does it matter? Kurt breaks it down in a quick and easy read.

Good Prime – Bad Prime

Priming can cause us to unconsciously engage in behaviors both good and bad. This article explores two quick real-world observations on how the priming effect can impact us – one good, one bad.

Why toilet paper?

Is there something that we don’t know about the toilet paper supply chain?  Is it a major play by toilet paper manufacturers to up their sales?  Okay, that sounds like a conspiracy theory. But we have to wonder.